Today's poem is "Deer Hunt"
from King Vulture

The University of Arkansas Press

K. E. Duffin is a painter and print-maker who finds inspiration in the art of the ancient world. She graduated from Harvard University and attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her poems have appeared in a number of journals, including Poetry, Partisan Review, Ploughshares, Verse, and the Sewanee Review. She has been a finalist for the National Poetry Series, the Walt Whitman Award, and the Colorado Prize. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

About King Vulture:

"Duffin brings together several rare skills—a keen eye, plus an ability to find verbal equivalents for things seen; ease with meter and rhyme; a flair for striking phrases; a naturalist's devotion to reality; and a philosophic sadness about the murderous aspect of existence, both in the animal kingdom and human history. . . . [E]ven those without paranormal powers can reasonably speculate that K. E. Duffin will be among the poets most discussed over the next couple of decades."
—Alfred Corn

"In her many sonnets and rhymed quatrains, Duffin makes the old forms sing with a baroque splendor as she travels from New England to Siberia, Naples to Yucatan, Iceland to Jersey. . . . With the eyes of a naturalist and a traditionalist, Duffin’s high-flying persona ‘drifts in and out of worlds.’ As readers, we can only stand below and watch the poetic flights with admiration and awe."
—Henry Hart

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