Today's poem is "Apostrophe à Go-Go"

from 32 Poems

Kathleen Halme III's first book of poetry, Every Substance Clothed, winner of the 1995 University of Georgia Press Contemporary Poetry Series competition, was awarded the Balcones Poetry Prize. Her second collection, Equipoise, was published in 1998 by Sarabande Books. Her poems have appeared widely in journals, including Anthropological Quarterly, Poetry, Triquarterly, Boston Review, Southern Review, and North American Review.

About 32 Poems:
Poets in this issue: Melanie Almeder, David Biespiel, Jerry Bradley, Joel Brouwer, Andrea Hollander Budy, Jim Burrows, Stephen Corey, Chad Davidson, Gillian Devereux, Stephen Dunn, Moira Egan, Amy L. Ellison, Steve Fellner, Stuart Greenhouse, Kathleen Halme, Brandon Hartley, Erika Meitner, Jessica Murray, Timothy O'Keefe, Eric Pankey, Stephen Roger Powers, David Roderick, Kathleen Rooney, Meg Shevenock, Frederick Smock, Onna Solomon, Cassie Sparkman, Lucas Stangl, Martin Wells, Terri Witek

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