Today's poem is "The Sound of a Train"

from Green Mountains Review

Kathleen Flenniken's poems appear in the Southern Review, Mid-American Review and Prairie Schooner. She is the recipient of fellowships from the NEA and Artist Trust.

Other poems by Kathleen Flenniken in Verse Daily:
July 23, 2004:  "Sea Monster" "We've gathered the experts to sound the loch..."

Other poems from Green Mountains Review in Verse Daily:
June 25, 2004:  "Dispersal" by Katherine Soniat
June 16, 2004:  "Codeine" by Christof Scheele
January 19, 2004:  "Kind of Blue" by Angie Estes
October 24, 2003:  "Mute Swan" by Louise Mathias
June 13, 2003:  "Driving Through the Valley" by Lynne Knight
June 11, 2003:  "Journey to the East" by Baron Wormser
March 17, 2003:  "Adolescence" by Gabriel Gudding

About Green Mountains Review:
Poets in this issue: Eric Pankey, Eamon Grennan, Gary Fincke, Paul Violi, Bob Hicok, Baron Wormser, David Wagoner, Bruce Bond, Albert Goldbarth, Charles Harper Webb, Maureen Seaton, Kathleen Flenniken, Nora Mitchell, Laura Glenn, Ellen Bass, Christine Gelineau, Lola Haskins, Vivian Teter, Colette Inez, J.P. White, B.J. Buckley, Chris Dombrowski, Myrna Stone, Susanne Kort, Annie Boutelle, Theodore Deppe, Gareth Lee, James Doyle, Herberto Helder, John Latta, Dara Wier

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