Today's poem is "Historical Accuracy"

from The MacGuffin

Jim Daniels' most recent books are Show and Tell: New and Selected Poems (Univeristy of Wisconsin Press, 2003) and Detroit Tales, fiction (Michigan State University Press, 2003). He holds the Baker Chair in English at Carnegie Mellon University.

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About The MacGuffin:
Poets in this issue: Charles Harper Webb, Susan Terris, Jeanne Wagner, Megan Kate Grumbling, Richard Romfh, Roger Pfingston, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Jim Daniels, Thomas Boulan, Michael Johnson, Terry Dubow, Michael A. Charlton, Jacquelin Cangro, Karen Craigo, Gabriel Welsch, Julia Shure, Sharie McCune, Lois Beebe Hayna, k. m. huber, Tom Glenn, Bob Hicok, Rebecca Vlasic, Craig Kenworthy, Rachel Langille, Lisa Rye, Rebecca B. Rank, Dawn McDuffie, Paul Asen, Judith Kerman, Conrad Hillberry, Michelle Gorton, Mark Farrell, Stephen Mead, Chris Fox, Karin L. Becker, Stephanie Dickinson, David Wright, Laurie King-Billman, Lucinda Watson, Kathi Jensen, Jason DeBoer, Mark W. Fry, Daniel Gabriel, Lyn Lifshin, Billy Reynolds, Sharie McCune, Catherine Neuhardt-Minor, Kathy Hayes, Darrell Fike

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