Today's poem is "Huck Finn in the Sands Around Basra"
from My Hand Upon Your Name

Red Hen Press

Jeannine Savard is Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University and teaches both graduate and undergraduate workshops in creative writing. She is the author of two previous collections of poems, Snow Water Cove, and Trumpeter. Her poems have received the Jerome Shestack Prize for poetry from The American Poetry Review. Savard lives in Tempe, Arizona with Borislav Delov, Lilly and Thubten, and a myriad of garden geckos.

Other poems by Jeannine Savard in Verse Daily:
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About My Hand Upon Your Name:

"I like walking in unpeopled places, wild ground, with the spooky, busy, manifold life there. So does Jeannine Savard, a poet now of such deep landscapes, places so full of spirit, canyons and mesas and birds and a lost New England, and memories we canít have enough of, that reading her is like entering a room of dreams. The poems in My Hand Upon Your Name seem to me those invitations which shape time. We do not expect them in our lives but when they have come we cannot imagine their absence, or what we could have known of ourselves without them. Savard is a gentle, thoughtful poet, her poems like mazes. I welcome them, oh yes. Wonderful new poems."
—Dave Smith

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