Today's poem is "Returning the Ghost"

from Elixir

F. Daniel Rzicznek serves as assistant poetry editor for Mid-American Review. His poetry has appeared in such places as Smartish Pace, Meridian, and The Yalobusha Review.

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November 25, 2003:  "Visitations From Architeuthis" by Chad Davidson
November 11, 2003:  "Impossible Garden" by John Isles
August 24, 2002:  "The New Years" by Sandra Kohler

About Elixir:
Poets in this issue: Sarah Kennedy, Alexandra van de Kamp, Prairie Markussen, Karen Neuberg, Rebecca Dunham, Anna Leahy, Beverly Burch, Susan J. Allspaw, Deborah Owen Moore, Rodney Wittwer, Susan Yount, B. Z. Niditch, J. Kates, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Kristen Abraham, Linda Cooper, Nicole Walker, Eric Gudas, Joseph P. Wood, Robert Bense, Sandra Kohler, Amy McCann, Barbara Tarrant, Ned Balbo

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Editor-in-Chief: Dana Curtis

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