Today's poem is from Crossed, Cross, Crossing

from New Orleans Review

Esther Lee graduated from Indiana University's MFA program in May. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Salt Hill, Runes, Alligator Juniper, Puerto del Sol, Diner, LitRag, Folio, Faultline, Caketrain, Dislocate, and Born Magazine. She was awarded a 2003 residency at the University of Arizona's Poetry Center, nominated for a 2004 Pushcart Prize and a Ruth Lily Fellowship, and her manuscript was selected as a "Discovery" / The Nation Award semi-finalist.

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About New Orleans Review:
Poets in this issue: Chana Bloch, James Capozzi, Eduardo Milan, Steven J. Stewart, Patrick Madden, Tom Haushalter, Guy R. Beining, Emmy Hunter, Keith Cartwright, David Francis, Ioan Flora, Adam J. Sorkin, Alina Carac, Nathan Whiting, Thomas Dukes, Michael Ives, Daniel Gutstein, Cai Qijiao, Edward Morin, Dennis Ding, Fang Dai, Vijaya Mukhopadhyay, Carolyne Wright, Paramita Banerjee, Sunil B. Ray, Chad Bennett, Leonard Kress, Katherine Lucas Anderson, Susanne Kort, James Everett Crizer, Samantha Mineo Myers, Esther Lee, Simon Perchik

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