Today's poem is "Noah and Joan"
from Two and Two

University of Pittsburgh Press

Denise Duhamel's previous books include Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems and Mille et un sentiments, a limited edition book. A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, she teaches creative writing at Florida International University in Miami.

About Two and Two:

Here come the high spirits, good nature, smartass seduction, brassy intelligence, form-bending generosity, and large-hearted liberal brio of Denise Duhamel's new poems. It's all here . . . a mega-sestina, a prose dream journal and its own interpretion, an ABC of jivespeak, a baaad translated Hong Kong action flick starring Spider Woman and her gynecologist, a multilayered heart-rending tour through the psychic landscape of 9/11, a 'list poem,' pantoum, plus poems as 3-D cut-up-and-reattach Möbius strips, and the poem as wall fresco. . . and it will make you smile too, sometimes with jolity, and sometimes with a recognition of how true are these descriptions of our lives' emotional bruisings. Although even Duhamel can falter: when she warns us 'The reading of this poem does not enable you to fly' . . . she's very wrong."
—Albert Goldbarth

"Electric, primary-colored, sizzling with speed and attitude, the poems in Two and Two confirm Denise Duhamel's reputation as a poet of high-octane high jinks, deep feelings, quicksilver shifts of tone and emotional register. Crackling with colloquial exactitude, her language is spry as a shot of Tabasco, brimming with knowledge and understanding that belie their own depths. . . . Nibble, sip at, swallow these poems: you'll feel more awake, more alive, closer to the world and to the words that give it back to us."
—Eamon Grennan

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