Today's poems are "The Blue-Gray Body of the Zambezi"

from Beloit Poetry Journal

Dawn Lonsinger grew up in the woods of a small town in Pennsylvania not far from other small towns with names too lascivious to mention. She is a recent graduate of Cornell University's MFA program, and studied art & poetry in South Korea on a Fulbright. She has been published in national journals, including Beloit Poetry Journal, Crab Orchard Review, and Smartish Pace. She is the recipient of a Corson-Bishop Prize, a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Prize, the inaugural Beullah Rose Poetry Prize, and honorable mention in The Atlantic Monthly Student Writing Contest.

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About Beloit Poetry Journal:
Poets in this issue: Douglas Woodsum, Scott Withiam, Jesse Lichtenstein, Young Smith, Kathleen Wakefield, Herman Asarnow, Susan Varnot, Robyn Anspach, Susan Tichy, Alicia Beale, Dana Elkun, Dawn Lonsinger, Karl Elder, Suzanne Heyd, Lynn Shoemaker

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