Today's poem is "The Conch in the Next Life"
from Everyone Coming Toward You

Tupelo Press

David Petruzelli grew up in New Jersey, and for more than twenty years worked as a writer and appraiser for auction houses in the US and Switzerland. His poetry has appeared in The New Yorker, Gettysburg Review, Partisan Review, and elsewhere. He lives in New York City.

About Everyone Coming Toward You:

"I admire the calm, deliberative power these poems generate, image by image, tale by tale. Reading Everyone Coming Toward You is like perusing an elliptical album of sepia photographs soaked by a warm, evening rain. 'When I talk about remembering/this is what I mean,' concludes the poem 'Hallway', which closes a deft reconnoitering of the corridors of the past, a lyrical journey on which the reader is as likely to encounter W.C. Fields lost in the fog as fossil starfish shining 'like blaze marks.' Deeply ruminative, often narrative, sometimes mysterious, always smart, David Petruzelli bears articulate witness to the omnivorous appetite of memory."
—Campbell McGrath

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