Today's poem is "Over a Long Distance"

from Blues for Bill: A Tribute to William Matthews

The University of Akron Press

Cleopatra Mathis has published five books of poetry, most recently, What to Tip the Boatman? (Sheep Meadow Press, 2003). Her work has been widely published in anthologies, textbooks, magazines, and journals, including The New Yorker, Triquarterly, American Poetry Review, The Extraordinary Tide, New Poetry By American Women, and The Made Thing: An Anthology of Southern Poetry. She teaches at Dartmouth College.

Other poems by Cleopatra Mathis in Verse Daily:
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About Blues for Bill: A Tribute to William Matthews:
Poets in this anthology: Cynthia Atkins, Coleman Barks, Judith Baumel, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Marvin Bell, Earl S. Braggs, Andrea Carter Brown, Harriet Brown, Robert Burr, Mark Cox, Stephen Cramer, Sascha Feinstein, Allen C. Fischer, Debra Fried, Rachel Hadas, Daniel Halpern, James Harms, Pamela Harrison, Walter R. Holland, Ann Hurwitz, Richard Jackson, Jacqueline Johnson, Rodney Jones, Meg Kearney, David Keller, Gerry LaFemina, Peter Makuck, Gary Margolis, Cleopatra Mathis, Sebastian Matthews, Karen McCosker, Christopher Merrill, Judson Mitcham, Robert Morgan, Sharon Olds, Rick Pernod, Stanley Plumly, Donna Reis, Kenneth Rosen, Vern Rutsala, John Schenck, Dave Smith, Henry Taylor, Melinda Thomsen, Richard Tillinghast, Sidney Wade, Bruce Weigl, Estha Weiner, David Wojahn, Susan Wood, Baron Wormser

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