Today's poem is "The greening mountains"
from Life for Us

Bloodaxe Books/Dufour Editions

Choman Hardi has published three books of poetry in Kurdish, but now writes in English, and Life for Us is her first English collection. She studied philosophy and psychology at Oxford and later at University College London, and has recently completed doctorate research at the University of Kent on the mental health of Kurdish women refugees between the clash of cultures.

About Life for Us:

"Choman Hardiís poems tell of tragedy, war, persecution and dispersal, but are far more than simple summonings of facts. The grace and rhythm of the telling — the singing of it — moves the poems beyond reportage. There is a kind of tranquillity and civilisation in the voice which heals as it weeps: the tears are not those of self-pity but those of ageless lamentations, caught freshly here, formed into fresh shapes. Pity there is, but the poetry is not in the pity: the pity is in the poetry."
—George Szirtes

"Choman Hardi conveys the trauma of personal and political experience with flair and delicacy. This is compelling poetry of international significance."
—Moniza Alvi

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