Today's poem is "I Took by the Throat the Circumcised Dog"
from In a Fine Frenzy - edited by David Starkey and Paul J. Willis

University of Iowa Press

Chad Davidson's recent collection, Consolation Miracle (2003), was winner of the Crab Orchard Prize. He is an assistant professor of English at the University of West Georgia.

Other poems by Chad Davidson in Verse Daily:

November 25, 2003:  "Visitations From Architeuthis" "I feel their pulse in the deep..."
July 17, 2003:  "Two Crows" "Three crows / huddling between telephone wires..."

About In a Fine Frenzy - edited by David Starkey and Paul J. Willis:

"David Starkey and Paul Willis’s idea of putting together a collection of poems responding to the works of Shakespeare is inspired. No book could better measure the impact of Shakespeare’s vital connection with our contemporary world of poetry. This is the ultimate tribute, that he lives in the words and images of Peter Cooley, Jim Applewhite, Susan Terris, Jeanne Murray Walker, and so many more. Shakespeare has no biological descendants today. These are his children now."
—David Bevington

Authors in this anthology include: Sylvia Adams, Gilbert Allen, James Applewhite, Rachel Beck, Marvin Bell, Julian Benick, D. C. Berry, David Case, Charles Clifton, Nan Cohen, Jack Conway, Peter Cooley, Stephen Corey, Alfred Corn, Sheryl Cornett, Katherine Cottle, Peter Cummings, J. P. Dancing Bear, Chad Davidson, Kirsten Dieking, Elon G. Eidenier, Sandy Feinstein, Annie Finch, Alice Friman, Carmen Germain, William Greenway, Kevin Griffith, R. S. Gwynn, H. Plamer Hall, Leilani Hall, Richard Hedderman, Eva Hooker, Dan Johnson, Allison Joseph, Kirsten Kashock, J. Kates, Jennifer Hill Kaucher, Melanie Kenny, Kathleen Kirk, Ron Koertge, Michelle Labarre, Danusha Lameris de Garza, Ann Lauinger, Deborah Leiter, Diane Lockward, Kathleen Lynch, Marjorie Maddox, Mary Makoske, Adrianne Marcus, Steven Marx, Lee McCarthy, Peter Meinke, Judith H. Montgomery, Janice Townley Moore, Harryette Mullen, J. B. Mulligan, Leonard Nathan, David Oliveira, Lee Patton, Jim Peterson, Ken Pobo, Arthur Powers, Joan Raymund, Zack Rogow, Edwin Romond, Tania Runyan, Sherod Santos, Reginald Shepherd, Maurya Simon, Floyd Skloot, Ellen McGrath Smith, J. D. Smith, Barry Spacks, William Stafford, Brian Staveley, Michael B. Stillman, Leon Stokesbury, Katherine Swiggart, Chris Terrio, Susan Terris, Lee Upton, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Jeanne Murray Walker, BJ Ward, William John Watkins, Charles Harper Webb, Jackson Wheeler, Gail White, Daniel Williams, Cecilia Woloch, David Wright, Tracy S. Youngblom

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