Today's poem is "For Heaven's Sake"

from The MacGuffin

Anne Ward Jamieson has held a variety of day jobs including teaching, writing grant proposals, and selling books but she is, above all, a constant student. Her poems have appeared, or soon will, in a smattering of journals including Birmingham Poetry Review, Confrontation, 5AM, Rattle, and The Texas Review.

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About The MacGuffin:
Poets in this issue: Harriotte H. Aaron, Janice Abel, Sherrill Alesiak, Barry Ballard, Tim Barnes, Andrew Barter, Laurel Blossom, Jon Boilard, Matthew Brennen, J. Lorraine Brown, Karen Craigo, Cara Chamberlain, Thomas Christopher, Sally Croft, J.P. Dancing Bear, Stacia J. N. Decker, Lawrence Jay Dessner, Anne Doran, Stephanie Dickinson, James Doyle, Nancy Ford Dugan, Linda Dyer, William Emerson III, Carol Frith, Ann L. Forsaith, Linda Nemec Foster, Brett Gadbois, Rita Geil, Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Malgorzata Grabiszewska, Taylor Graham, Daniel Green, Sue Guiney, Carol Hamilton, Robert Haynes, Steve Hermanos, Ann Hillesland, Robert Holt, Charles M. Israel Jr., Dennis D. James, Anne Ward Jamieson, Emily Janda, N. Coleman Jenckes, Marilyn E. Johnston, Elisa Jenkins, Zilka Joseph, William Joyce, Deborah A. Kaple, Margaret Karmazin, Judith Kerman, Laurie King-Billman, Michael Kuperman, Janet Tracey Landman, Janet Levin, Ian MacMillan, Jennifer MacPherson, Stephanie Matthews, Dawn McDuffie, Colin McGibbon, Jacqueline McLean, Sally Allen McNall, Bill Meissner, Henry J. Morro, Susan Murphy, Cynthia Weber Nankee, Susan L. Noguera, Lynn Pattison, Jennifer Pearson, Jim Pipher, Katheen Potter, Donna Pucciani, Christine Rhein, Eve Rifkah, Michael David Roberts, Judi Rowena, Mary Schmitt, Elizabeth Scott, Elaine M. Seaman, Ryan Shoemaker, Coral Smart, Laurence Snydal, Maura Stanton, Phillip Sterling, Mark Taksa, Jay Udall, Andrew Vinstra, Amy Watkins, William John Watkins, Gabriel Welsh, Kelley Jean White, Joan Wilking, Tammy Wilson, Martha Wirkutis, Emily Wortman-Wunder, Michael T. Young, R. Suzanne Zeitman

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