Today's poem is "Keys & Scales"
from Starred Wire

Coffee House Press

Ange Mlinko is the author of Matinées, a 1999 Publishers Weekly Book of the Year, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and young son.

About Starred Wire:

"A fine-grained light like that of a 19th-century Danish landscape painting shimmers throughout these gorgeously tactile and tactful poems. Mlinko leads us through a mysterious space where cultural references and private recollections mingle and metamorphose into startling, dreamlike atmospheres in which ‘blue equals blue and lemon equals lemon' and ‘the roses [have] grown to obscure the rose-names.'"
—John Ashbery

"Things collide in Ange Mlinko's wonderful poems—words, attitudes, phrasings, meanings—and the sparks fly. Her poetry is simultaneously tough-minded and gorgeous. If I had to bet on which young poets will be read in twenty or thirty years, my money would be on her."
—Charles North

"The making of a Mlinko poem is nothing less than a new way of making a poem . . . rhymes and anagrams, puns and palindromes all churn beneath the charming, charged skin o' poem. It's a heady heady brew—O'Hara conversation, Ashbery sophistication, Koch hilarity, Schuyler shapeliness, Guest adventures, Notley grain, Mayer utopia, Padgett whimsy, Oulipo oofs . . . [Mlinko] revs, she's gone, the world map is redrawn."
—Bob Holman

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