Today's poems are "Snowies and Blues," "Brother, Sister," and "Endangered"
from Wait For Me, I'm Gone

Dream Horse Press

Amy Holman is a literary consultant, poet, and prose writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Her writing has been nominated for Pushcart prizes and publishing in many magazines, including American Letters & Commentary, Van Gogh's Ear, Archaeology Magazine Online, XConnect, Night Train, The Manhattan Review and Shade. She's also had poetry in the anthologies And We The Creatures (Dream Horse Press, 2003), Mercy of Tides (Salt Marsh Poetry Press, 2003) and Best American Poetry 1999 (Scribner, 1999). She guest teaches at The New School, Hudson Valley Writers Center, Emerson College, and Bread Loaf Writers Conference, and her Writer's Guide to MFA Programs, Artist Colonies and Grants will be published by Perigee in 2006.

About Wait For Me, I'm Gone:

"This is a wonderful series of poems. It tells us something quite personal, and quietly fascinating, about a not very unusual familial relationship—and does so in a way that is revelatory, grave, and light as a cloud. The voice is wise and musical, lit up with quirky word play, and what it reports feels strikingly honest and deeply considered. Holman is brilliant at moving us around in time and space, so first we smell the sea and later feel the F train. There are many individual gems here, and it is also terrific how the poems work together, sometimes through surprising repetitions. The emotion of this world is both blue and warm and the effect is lasting. An amazing chapbook to which I will often return. Highly recommended."
—Jennifer Michael Hecht

"Selecting this collection was one of the easiest choices I have had to make so far. The fact that I am usually disinterested by personal, familial poetry speaks volumes about how very fine this book is; its artistry not only overcomes but compels. Its haunting and musical qualities deliver its understory in a way that earns great admiration. Wait for Me, Iím Gone shows just how much a writerís attention to the marriage of form and content matters."
—C. J. Sage

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