Today's poem is "Year of the Blues"

from 32 Poems

A. C. Schaffer was formerly an assistant editor at the University of Texas Press, and is now finishing an MFA degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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June 29, 2004:  "Bonfire" by Julie Funderburk
June 28, 2004:  "Ill-Made Almighty" by Heather McHugh
January 3, 2004:  "Father Countries" by Geoffrey Brock
December 31, 2003:  "Litany for Treetops" by C. J. Sage
July 15, 2003:  "The Trouble with Being Born" by Christina Davis
July 14, 2003:  "Outer Banks (II)" by Christian Wiman
July 9, 2003:  "Sonnet" by Kimberly Johnson

About 32 Poems:
Poets in this issue: Jeffery Bahr, Marvin Bell, Larry Bradley, Linda Burnett, Jim Burrows, Rita Chin, Camille Dungy, Rebecca Givens, Michalle Gould, Shafer Hall, Conrad Hilberry, Reamy Jansen, John Jenkinson, Carrie Jerrell, David Kirby, Dennis Loney, Michael McConnell, Nick Norwood, Barbara J. Orton, Stanley Plumly, A.C. Schaffer, Matt Scharf, Natalie Shapero, A.E. Stallings, Jeffrey Thomson, Greg Williamson, Joseph P. Wood, Hillary Rose Yablon, Mark Yakich.

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