Today's poem is "Not Here"
from jubilat

Richard Jackson is the author of four collections of poems. His fifth, Half-Lives: Petrarchan Poems, is based on Petrarchan rhyme schemes and Jackson's sense of a "Patrarchan perspective."

About jubilat 4:
In this issue: John Ashbery, Cort Day, Russell Edson, Jim Elledge, Paul Eluard, Grand Sichuan Int'l, Chris Jackson, Richard Jackson, Joyelle McSweeney, Eugenio Montejo, George Oppen, Peter Richards, James Shea, Reginald Shepherd, Andrzej Sosnowski, Stephanie Strickland, Wayne Sullins, Arthur Sze, Liz Waldner, Dara Wier, Dean Young, Nurit Zarchi

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