Today's poems are "If You Ask Me"
from Where Horizons Go

Truman State University Press

Rhina P. Espaillat is the author of three collections of poetry: Lapsing to Grace, Where Horizons Go, and Rehearsing Absence. She received the T. S. Eliot Prize for Where Horizons Go and the Richard Wilbur Award for Rehearsing Absence. She is a past winner of the Howard Nemerov Award and the Sparrow Sonnet Award. Her work has been published in many literary journals including Poetry, American Scholar, The Formalist, and Orbis.

About Where Horizons Go:

"Rhina Espaillat does not strike grand and stylish literary gestures, she writes poems— strong, individual, and often ingenious. One by one these suave and lyric pieces add up into something both unforgettably personal and personable. Has any Latina written more movingly of the rich and heavy inheritance of bilinguality? Where Horizons Go is a gift to the English language."
—Dana Gioia, Author of The Gods of Winter

"Rhina Espaillat is a rare poet, both highly stylized and clearly direct, tender in her sensibilities yet firm in her convictions—as seen in such poems as "Class Notes" and "Why Publish?" She's as comfortable writing in English metrical rhythms as she is in Spanish, the richness of her dual languages expressed so memorably in the poem "Bilingual/Bilingue." Here is a find, a poet of truth and experience. Read Espaillat to know that poetry matters."
—Samuel Maio, Author of The Burning of Los Angeles

"Poem after successful poem add up to an impressive total. Such developed skill and such mastery of rhyme and meter are certainly rare anymore; so is plainspeaking. I'm won over by the way the poet writes of the most commonplace experience—she's a warm affirmer of life. Keen intelligence, keen feelings. All in all, it's a collection likely to persuade readers who think they don't like poetry that they do, after all."
—X. J. Kennedy, Judge for the 1998 T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry.

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