Today's poem is "That Cold Summer"
from Why They Grow Wings
Silverfish Review Press

Nin Andrews is the author of a book of short fiction, The Book of Orgasms, and a chapbook, Spontaneous Breasts. The recipient of an Ohio Arts Council grant in 1998, her work has been published in many literary reviews and anthologies, including Best American Poetry 1997 (Scribner), The Best of the Prose Poem, (White Pine Press), The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Paris Review, and Ploughsares.

About Why They Grow Wings:

"What sensual enchantments and imaginative adventures await the reader of Nin Andrews' latest volume. Her poems are witty, vivacious, surprising. Houdini will show up and paraphrase Heraclitus. Or the sign at the Pasta Palace ("Cook Needed") will turn into an erotic daydream ("Cock Needed") with the logic of an entry in a "book of lies." Andrews liberates debased forms (the chain letter, the earnest Yuletide family report) and assimilates unusual influences (Borges, Henri Michaux) in her highly distinctive prose poems. She has an energizing effect: reading her makes you want to write. I'm crazy about this poet."
—David Lehman

"The poems in Why They Grow Wings are smart, funny, surprising and sometimes sad. Nin Andrews delivers the deliciously outrageous with a comic deadpan that gives it both pathos and wit. In her upside down, reversed, sideways world people become their desires. We become the longings that both enlarge and make us strange—just the sort of skewed and brilliant insight our new century needs to keep mystery alive."
—Betsy Sholl

"Nin Andrews is the most accomplished and affecting poet of the erotic in America. In poems, especially prose poems, of uncanny deftness and muscularity, she establishes, to use the ready word, an intercourse among all elements— including the comical, the rhapsodic, and the tragic. She is matchless."
—Sydney Lea

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