Today's poem is "After You've Saved the Bird"
from The Bodies We Were Loaned

The Word Works

Maria Terrone's poetry, which has been nominated for a Pushcart Award, has appeared in many literary magazines, including Poetry, Atlanta Review, The Hudson Review, and Crab Orchard Review. Ms. Terrone is the recipient of the 2001 Willow Review Award in Poetry, the 2000 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize from Passages North and the 1998 Allen Tate Memorial Award from Wind. Her work has appeared in the anthologies Mourning Our Mothers (Andrew Mountain Press), and The Emily Dickinson Award Anthology (Universities West Press), as well as in the chapbook Divided Again (The Edmonds Institute).

About The Bodies We Were Loaned:

"Here the poetry starts before we even open the book. The title The Bodies We Were Loaned was apropos before the events of September 2001 made it electric with a raw new relevance. We savor what we know will pass, long for what is passing— be it a Chinese emperor, a sandhog or "a prophet in flame red lipstick." Here we find them all. Here we also find eloquence without a hint of the facile, a naturalist's eye avid for textures and detail, and a heart prepared to evoke "the body's unequivocal language." These fine poems are a delight to recommend."
—William Pitt Root

"In language precise in its physicality and thought, Maria Terrone celebrates ordinary work and those who perform it, admiring the tough, the common, what endures. As keenly attuned to what is going on in works of art as in the emotional states she observes in herself and those around her, her poems become notations of mood, intensely alive to the passing moment, and to all those momentary things that are, by the force of her observation, "dipped in light." It is "the body's unequivocal language" that Maria Terrone aspires to in this maturely achieved first collection."
—Eamon Grennan

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