Today's poem is "Laws of My Nature"
from Pleiades

Margot Schilpp's The World's Last Night was published by Carnegie Mellon in 2001.

About Pleiades 22:2:
In this issue: Noah Blaustein, Christopher Buckley, J. Bush, Carol Giavonne, Martha Collins, Cynthia Cruz, Jim Daniels, Justine Dymond, E. Kay Elliott, Angie Estes, Miranda Field, Nick Flynn, Allison Funk, Stephanie Gannon, Albert Goldbarth, Paul Guest, Jerry Harp, Earnest Hilbert, David Brendan Hopes, John Hoppenthaler, Kristin Kaschock, Joy Katz, James Kimbrell, Sandra Kohler, Gaije Kushner, Aimee L. LaBrie, Brett Fletcher Lauer, David Lehman, Susan Ludvigson, Michael McCole, K. R. Mogensen, Melissa Monroe, Sarah Murphy, Tom Noyes, Alicia Ostriker, Alan Michael Parker, David Roderick, Margot Schilpp, Sejal Shah, R. T. Smith, Peter Streckfus, Andrew Varnon, Crystal Williams, Max Winter, Baron Wormser.

Subscriptions: One year (2 issues), $12.00
Pleiades * Department of English and Philosophy * Central Missouri State University * Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
Publisher: Pleiades Press
Poetry Editor: Kevin Prufer * Managing Editor: Dorothy Arnett


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