Today's poem is "Clouds Swell Out"
from Slowly, Slowly, Horses

Ausable Press

Julianne Buchsbaum has published poems in numerous magazines, including The Gettysburg Review, The Iowa Review, Parnassus, The Colorado Review, and The Seneca Review. She was the recipient of a 1999 Paul Engle Fellowship from the James Michener Foundation.

About Slowly, Slowly, Horses:

"Julianne Buchsbaum's Slowly, Slowly, Horses is a quietly furious book. Her language is as rich and eerily fascinating as bending down to look closely at something decomposing. But this is a different sort of nature poetry—her landscape is 'a pasture of taints', and her close observation of nature is really a close observation of language. And close observation of language, of course, is close observation of the human mind. There is something of Wallace Stevens in her precision, her incredible diction, and in the way her descriptions are simultaneously direct and mythical. She is also a redeemer of the simile in an age that distrusts simile; her ease and originality with them 'lingers//like the perfume of a woman/who has rushed from the room.' Which is exactly the case with her poems."
—Matthew Rohrer

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