Today's poem is "Compass"
from The Flute Ship Castricum

Tupelo Press

Amy England received her Ph.D. in English and creative writing from the University of Denver in 1999. Aside from Tupelo Press's publication of her book of poems, The Flute Ship 'Castricum,' her work has appeared in Best American Poetry 2001, The Denver Quarterly, McSweeney's, Fence, Volt, and Fishdrum. She is the editor of Transparent Tiger Press, which publishes poetry chapbooks.

About The Flute Ship 'Castricum':

In these richly-imagined poems, Amy England quite literally recreates the art form, showing us in poem after poem new ways to dazzle. Yet she makes us, somehow, perfectly comfortable, right at home. Endlessly smart, sensuous, funny, these poems make us gasp with recognition and pleasure. They won't sit still: they perform for us.

"Babelujah," exults the poet, creating one of her worlds within words within worlds, where sound shapes sense, and sense is the future overtaking us, right now, zipping up fast out of nowhere. Amy England's verse is full-bore polyphonic, textured, touchable, wrenching, celebratory. These bravados thrill with their gymnastic tumbling, their defiance of gravity—the law, and honoring of gravity—the mode. They are, these jewels, new-world brilliant, hauntingly inventive, ultimately transporting.

What falls from the sky? What, exactly, is it crows say when they gather together? Should you trust a snake with a monocle? What does the poet see in her sleep? Read on. On The Flute Ship Castricum, the muse is a library is a man in a white shirt, the mud tablets of the law are still wet (there's time!), but hurry, the tourists are out in force.

"Place and motion, place in motion, and the place of motion in our lives—Amy England's work grapples with these issues, and through them, with the issue of presence. These poems are the present, and the reader becomes more present within them. Whether it's Japan or Chicago, the white rooms of an empty house or the empty walls of a monastery, a vivid magical-realist sense of possibility laces these evocative locations together—swiftly— England's work is a new form of traveling."
—Cole Swensen

"'I want the Eden of knowing a thing for the first time, over and over, without end.'

This, to our infinite pleasure and delight, is just what Amy England pulls off in her marvelous first book. With her own unique and unfailing brand of philosophical humor, she sets the things of the world—from Chicago to Japan, from trains to birthday cakes—shining."
—Rikki Ducornet

"Amy England throws lyric poem, prose, fact, fancy, and delight into a blender to make a wonderful bisque of language. 'We crowd onto the underwater train,' England says in "Seeing in My Sleep." With her, we ride along the bright ocean floor of her poems ogling the sights and sounds this great transpacific tour guide selects for us."
—Brian Kiteley

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