Today's poem is "Garment Industry"
from The Arranged Marriage

University of New Mexico Press

Jehanne Dubrow is the author of four previous poetry collections, including Stateside and Red Army Red. She is the director of the Rose O’Neill Literary House and is an associate professor of English at Washington College.

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Jehanne Dubrow's Website.

Jehanne Dubrow on Twitter.

About The Arranged Marriage:

"The Arranged Marriage brims with gorgeous wants: some of them dark and some 'the pink of bouganvillea.' In her newest collection Jehanne Dubrow writes of the dark bonds that tie women—'so easily torn, devoted to ornament'—to the complicated institution that is marriage in lyric portraits that uncover, unstitch, and unearth the secret entanglements at the heart of these intricate unions."
—Carmen Giménez Smith

"Here is a sequence of nuanced narratives, each anxiously circling arrangements of marriage, violence, and the shadows of history. Jehanne Dubrow has a storyteller's gift for suggesting, with enviable economy of language, the complexities of our relationships with those we love and the inescapable past that surrounds us. Elegant, intimate, and unsettling, The Arranged Marriage is a terrific—an important—book."
—Kevin Prufer

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