Today's poem is "Santa Cruz Carney Girl"
from Thousands Flee California Wildflowers

Salmon Poetry

Scot Siegel other volumes include Some Weather, Untitled Country, and Skeleton Says. Siegel's poems are anthologized in the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual (UK), Open Spaces: Voices from. the Northwest (Seattle: University of Washington Press 2011), Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology (County Clare, Ireland: Salmon Poetry 2010), and Before We Have Nowhere to Stand (Sandpoint, ID: Lost Horse Press 2012), among others. He has been awarded a residency from Playa, and has received awards and commendations from Aesthetica Magazine, Nimrod International, and the Oregon Poetry Association. He is a member of the Squaw Valley Community ofWriters and edits the online poetry journal Untitled Country Review.

Books by Scot Siegel:

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"Santa Fe, Fiesta"
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"in the absence of stars tonight, gulls"
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About Thousands Flee California Wildflowers:

"Scot Siegel writes from the deep pools of his imagination about subjects on the surface of contemporary life. These are deeply satisfying poems that bring you closer to knowing the lived-in world, the actual world, and the known world in a way only a poet can render. All along the poems come forward in a soulful, endearing, and generous fashion. Here is a poet who knows that the feelings that matter in life need a language that matters -- a language of clarity, vividness, and tenderness."
—David Biespiel

"Thousands Flee California Wildflowers reads like a coming-of-age road trip interspersed with adult wisdom. Despite looking back to a world full of potential, the introspective poems are deeply nestled between the future and a present beset with natural calamities, wars, even prospects of aging. Siegel's elegies and reminiscences move with chiaroscuro realism that echoes his own words: There is no such thing as light / poetry--A shaft of darkness / runs through everything--"
—Arlene Ang