Today's poem is "Spreading Ash"
from Road Scatter

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Sandra Meek is the author of three previous poetry collections and editor of Deep Travel: Contemporary American Poets Abroad. A two-time Georgia Author of the Year award winner, Meek is Director of the Georgia Poetry Circuit and Dana Professor of English, Rhetoric, and Writing at Berry College. She lives in Rome, Georgia.

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Books by Sandra Meek:

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Three poems
Three poems
"Balancing Acts"
Three poems

Sandra Meek's Website.

About Road Scatter:

"Sandra Meek’s poems are both deeply surprising and deeply felt. Precise and faceted, any line, it feels, conveys some new constellation of image, knowledge and feeling. Road Scatter is a book of mourning, but also a book of living: rising from grief, these are pages returning light in all directions."
—Jane Hirshfield

"Sandra Meek’s breathtaking new collection exhibits the extraordinary scope and power of her work. She holds us close to the intimacy and ravages of loss, yet her poems remain fearless in their belief in human reckoning. Elegant and elegiac, Road Scatter gathers into a book of the body, a book whose ending we know awaits each of us not far up the road, in the distance quietly closing in ahead."
—David St. John

"What here begins in personal elegy develops by faithful observation and keen articulation a pastoral, a cosmic reach, implicating the earth and all its fragile phenomena in melancholy procession. That ancient trope recovers an astonishing, credible currency in these lines where Sandra Meek attends all that is ‘ghosting in [her] hands.’"
—Scott Cairns

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