Today's poem is "Winter Solstice"
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Donald Revell is the author of nine previous collections of poetry, most recently Pennyweight Windows: New and Selected Poems. Winner of the 2004 Lenore Marshall Award and two-time winner of the PEN Center USA Award in Poetry, Revell has also been awarded the Gertrude Stein Award, the Shestack Prize, a Pushcart Prize, and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as from the Ingram Merrill and Guggenheim Foundations. He is a recent finalist in the 2005 LA Times Book Prize in Poetry. Presently, he is a Professor of English at the University of Utah and Poetry Editor of the Colorado Review.

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About Tantivy:

"Every word counts in Donald Revell. You must read him carefully— not because he’s difficult but because he’s profound. But that’s too inappropriate, that word; let me say sun-worthy, Sophoclean, God-drenched. Let me say grave, trust-worthy, loving, faithful, shocking, brilliant, honest. Let me say for dear life. One of America’s best poets."
—Gerald Stern

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