Today's poem is "Having Evolved From Trees"
from The Gospel of Galore

Word Press

Tina Kelley is a reporter for The New York Times, covering the night shift for the Metro section. Born in Morristown, New Jersey, she graduated from Yale University and has lived in Philadelphia, Boston, and Seattle. She has won the Bullis-Kizer and Theodore Roethke prizes from Poetry Northwest.

About The Gospel of Galore:

"The Gospel of Galore by Tina Kelley is a full orchestra of reflection and celebration, incorporating the sounds, rhythms and tempos, the compositions and themes of a robust earth and its human inhabitants. The language in this book is original, perceptive, witty and vital. It lingers like a fine symphony. Read, listen to The Gospel of Galore, and experience the concert."
—Pattiann Rogers

"'Sing adverb, sing noun,/sing a more precise defining of galore,' Tina Kelley writes in her splendidly linguistic first book of poems that keeps finding new and accurate names for what we experience and feel. The Gospel of Galore testifies to the rich abundance of the natural world, and it sings our human meanings with glorious exactitude and exuberant imagination."
—Edward Hirsch

"Tina Kelley's poems are suffused with such wonder, imagination, and delight they startle. Engagingly physical, passionately attentive and playfully reverent: they come to us with open arms. I know of no poet more welcoming or generous with her blessing."
—Tim McNulty

"I've rarely encountered the imaginative compassion this poet has, a power for invention that is contained by her concern to speak directly about our lives. More than anything she's fun - unpredictable, inquisitve - enthralled, I'd say - with most of what she sees. There is a world here for anyone who will read this book."
—Bob Hicok

"In The Gospel of Galore we are treated to a phantasmagoria of extravagant, expansive verse. Turning her gaze from the infinitesimal to the grandiose, Kelley remains lyrical and sensual. The ecstatic world of these poems fascinates and compels us. Though grounded in the concrete, their cumulative effect defies gravity."
—Judith Skillman

"Tina Kelley's first book dazzles with "the leaping release/of fresh-air elation." This remarkable new poet's breathtaking virtuosity is grounded in a wary, hard-won serenity."
—D. Nurske

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