Today's poem is "After the Open House"
from Mrs. Nelson's Class

World Enough Writers

Marilyn Nelson is the author of I I books of poems—most recently Broken Cup, a finalist for the Poets' Prize—and a memoir, The Prodigal Daughter. She is a Professor Emerita from The University of Connecticut and lives in Preston, CT. "Lena's poems are dedicated to all children who go to school and find there a refuge from discord and violence at home."

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Marilyn Nelson According to Wikipedia.

Authors in Mrs. Nelson's Class, edited by Marilyn Nelson:
Doug Anderson, Martha Collins, Alfred Corn, Annie Finch, Helen Frost, Margaret Gibson, Jeanine Hathaway, Andrew Hudgins, Mark Jarman, Peter Johnson, Meg Kearney, Ron Koertge, David Mason, Leslie Monsour, Dinty W. Moore, Marilyn Nelson, Lesléa Newman, Michael Palma, Michael Waters, and Katherine Williams.

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