Today's poem is "A Calculation of Dark"
from An Unfinished Sufficiency

Salmon Poetry

Ruth O'Callaghan has five collections of poetry, has been translated into six languages and is much anthologised. Invited to read throughout Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A., she was awarded a gold medal for poetry at the XXX WCP in Taiwan. The Arts Council of England sponsored her visit to Mongolia to collaborate with women poets and this resulted in a book and a CD. She holds the prestigious Hawthornden Fellowship and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She is a mentor and workshop leader both in the U.K and abroad. As a reviewer and interviewer she has interviewed some of the most eminent women poets throughout the world. An international competition adjudicator and editor, she is also a judge for the Koestler whose awards encourage prisoners to participate in the Arts. She hosts two poetry venues in London — the revenue from these events support three Cold Weather Shelters. She is also the poet for Strandlines, a community, multi-disciplinary project run under the auspices of Kings College, University of London.

Books by Ruth O'Callaghan:

Other poems on the web by Ruth O'Callaghan:
Three poems

Ruth O'Callaghan's Website.

About An Unfinished Sufficiency:

"Dispatches from the front, weather reports from inner and outer weather, it is winter creeping forward into memory with the 'boneless words of a child' where a man turns 'his mouth adrift in his face' and where the wrist of a woman collecting money is curved 'as if the weight of future coinage already hung there'. Things go wrong in Ruth O'Callaghan's poetry but the poems themselves are sharp and compassionate, not in any easy gestural way, but through an understanding of what confronts us both in nature and our lives, the language beautifully heard, packed and measured."
—George Szirtes

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