Today's poem is "Graph Paper"
from Buyer's Remorse

Cherry Grove Collections

Roy Mash produces his quota of carbon dioxide in Marin County, California, doodling his brief time away staring out of caf'e windows, dabbing up the seeds that have fallen from an everything bagel, anticipating the arrival of The Mummy making his inexorable way across the globe on his mission to San Rafael.

Books by Roy Mash:

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"A Plate of Scrambled Eggs"
"Desire for Retirement"
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Roy Mash's Website.

About Buyer's Remorse:

"Roy Mash writes a deliciously engaging and clever sort of object poem. With an exhilarating precision, his poems uncover those illuminating perceptions that lie buried beneath the commonplace: the absurdity of pants with "their loony ductwork rising to the illogical crotch,' and the human thumb that is fated to 'lumber / through night's sad mitten.' Again and again, he finds tiny but significant moments that no one else has caught on the wing: here is the anatomy of the sneeze, and how 'you may feel your life come apart,' much the way 'the body / of the muffin suddenly crumbles' in mid-bite. It would not be surprising if memorable gems like 'Love of Slapstick,' 'The Untouchables,' and 'Buyer's Remorse' eventually find their way into contemporary anthologies and become part of our poetic canon."
—Steve Kowit

"In Buyer's Remorse, Roy Mash shows us a poet who has perfect pitch - never a wrong note or missed step. The poems, full of wry humor and tongue-in-cheek self-deprecating commentary, force us to look at ourselves with the poet's jaundiced and almost forgiving eye. This is a book not to be missed."
—Maria Mazziotti Gillan

"Roy Mash's insightful, touching, and wholly delightful Buyer's Remorse is a celebration of the non-epic and unheroic, the bad decision, the finish out-of-the-money, the cannonball we do to spite the back flip that eludes us, the inglorious lives we seem to have wound up with by mistake - not at all what we'd have chosen, but lots of laughs and, all in all, pretty damned fine."
—Charles Harper Webb

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