Today's poem is "What to Leave Behind"
from Threshing Floor

Jacar Press

Renee Emerson s first book is Keeping Me Still (Winter Goose Publishing 2014). She earned her MFA in poetry from Boston University, where she was also awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize in 2009. Her poetry has been published in 32 Poems, Christianity and Literature, Southern Humanities Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and three daughters.

Books by Renee Emerson:

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"The terror is in the way it holds you."

Renee Emerson on Twitter.

About Threshing Floor:

"Threshing Floor is a serious book of poems in series. These retellings of the Biblical Naomi are compelling and soulful."
—Denise Duhamel

"Threshing Floor tells the story of three women, their vulnerability and displacement; it will grip and hold women. But, please God, may the book also be read by men—lots of men—because these poems are models of empathy in a world that sorely needs it."
—Jeanne Murray Walker

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