Today's poem is "Old Witch"
from Eyewitness

Dos Madres Press

Natalie Safir's long career in poetry includes editing, lecturing, publishing poems in numerous literary journals, running a long-term reading series, teaching private as well as public writing workshops in local institutions, and authoring five collections of poems. Her poem "Matisse's Dance" has been anthologized in college texts by The McGraw Hill Co. and in Art & Artists, Everyman edition, Knopf, 2012. Her Jungian fairytale, "The Woman with Midnight Hair" was published in 2010. She taught memoir workshops at a local senior center and currently runs "Stories I Tell My Friends" at the Warner Library in Tarrytown.

Books by Natalie Safir:

About Eyewitness:

"The passionate imagery of Eyewitness offers us no less than the seasonal rounds of a long life, in beautifully crafted poems animated by the kaleidoscope of memory. Turning from grief to joy and back again, these intense and skillful poems transform the ordinary into dazzling, ever-shifting shapes. Natalie Safir's latest book reminds me of a stunning sunset whose colors captivate the eye, until the inevitable darkening."
—Lynne Sharon Schwartz

"With precision and rue, these poems bear witness to a lost world, the wounds still fresh, the tenderness undiminished. In a delta where landscape, body and dreams converge, consolation is sought and bittersweet wisdom found."
—Phillip Lopate

"These are marvelous poems, written by a mature woman who has lived life, and who, in examining the details of her past and present, uncovers mystery. I praise the wit, the unwavering eye of a serious intellect in touch with the tragic as well as the comic. This is a necessary book for all who love poetry and share the quest for insight into our individual lives. I urge you to read it."
—Abigail Thomas

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