Today's poem is "Cuttlefish"
from Model Disciple

Signal Editions

Michael Prior's poems have appeared in many publications across North America and the UK. Winner of The Walrus's Poetry Prize, Matrix Magazine's LitPop Award, Grain's Short Grain Contest, Magma Poetry's Editors' Prize and Vallum's Poetry Prize, Michael currently resides in Ithaca, New York, where he is an MFA candidate in poetry at Cornell University.

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"The War Came As If a Dream"

Michael Prior's Website.

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About Model Disciple:

"The strengths of the collection reside in movement, and Prior's ability to generate one image and end up somewhere surprising."
—Micheline Maylor

"In many ways—the range of interests, quality of language, the attention to rhythm—Prior's work is a kind of blend of P. K. Page and Karen Solie, but I make those comparisons only to say that his work is already polished and self-assured."
—Jay Ruzesky

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