Today's poem is "Marriage"
from Emoticoncert

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Maya Pindyck is a poet and visual artist. Her first collection of poetry, Friend Among Stones, won the Many Voices Project Award from New Rivers Press, and her chapbook, Locket, Master, received a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship. She is the recipient of grants and awards from the Historic House Trust of New York City's Contemporary Art Partnerships Program, the Abortion Conversation Project, Squaw Valley Writers, and the Vermont Studio Center. Currently a doctoral candidate at Columbia University's Teachers College, she lives in Brooklyn.

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"Chum" ""How come we all don't have the luxury of our ghosts..."

Books by Maya Pindyck:

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Maya Pindyck's Website.

About Emoticoncert:

"In Henri Michaux's Land of the Magicians the deepest wizardry is the sorcerer's power to 'remove the horizon.' Suddenly we're confronted with sheer experience, no prompts. Maya Pindyck's Emoticoncert has that breathtaking immediacy: the volatile gist of narrative, without cues. A kinship novel is hidden in 'so that what remained of her would not / come back to hurt him // he mourned alone at her temporary headstone // No One's Daughter'; there's a haunted millennial history in 'such are the laws / hanging by a thread from the mountain.' 'Words crossed Out in Suicide Note,' 'Desert Light in Mitzpe Ramon'-- these are dazzling poems, pared to the bone, but like the horizonless landscape, vast in their intimacy. Pindyck isn't a miniaturist: she's a gem cutter with huge themes. The concision, the cumulative force--these poems are musical in their fierceness: not akin to music, but music themselves."
—D. Nurkse

"In Emoticoncert, Maya Pindyck writes of the conflicting emotional soundtracks that play continuously in all our minds. These honest, sonically dazzling poems pursue the music of human emotion, of the expressions we are taught to hold back and which appear in every family photograph."
—Idra Novey

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