Today's poem is "Absence of Red"
from Happily

Aldrich Press

Lori Lamotheis the author of one previous poetry collection, Trace Elements (Aldrich Press), and three chapbooks, Diary in Irregular Ink (ELJ Publications), Camera Obscura (Finishing Line Press) and Ouija in Suburbia (Dancing Girl Press). Her poems have appeared in Blackbird, CALYX, The Literary Review, Seattle Review, Third Coast, Verse Daily and elsewhere. She lives in New England with her daughter and a Siberian husky born on Halloween.

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About Happily:

"Each poem in Happily is charged with intellectual and emotional urgency. A restless, skeptical poetic intelligence is at work here, winnowing experience, sorting out what is real and authentic from what is false and delusional. Lori Lamothe’s desire is to find, name, and otherwise hold onto those precious few things we can really count on. With her richly metaphorical language and an abiding sense of irony, Lamothe takes us on a life-journey with her, and in the process presents us with images not only of betrayal, loss, and disillusionment, but also truly wondrous and hard-earned glimpses of 'ordinary miracles,' how the mind’s fingertips, as she writes, might 'grasp a rosary of genuine rain.'"
—Fred Marchant

"What does a poet see in a mirror? History unraveling, the intimacy of grief, a daughter before her own reflection? Lori Lamothe’s poetry offers wide words, easy touch, an invitation to dream incandescence. Throughout Happily Lamothe lets us bow at the mantle of paradox, pondering what stones, stumbles and stairways might show us about living. Rest and delight in these poems, friends for seeing new."
—Becky Thompson

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