Today's poem is "The Gift"
from Landscape with Headless Mama

Pleiades Press

Jennifer Givhan is a Mexican-American poet who grew up in the Imperial Valley, a small, border community in the Southern California desert. She earned her MFA in Poetry from Warren Wilson College in North Carolina and an M.A. in English Literature at California State University Fullerton. Her creative writing has appeared widely in literary journals and anthologies, including Best New Poets 2013, AGNI, Prairie Schooner, Indiana Review, Rattle, The Collagist, cream city review, and The Columbia Review. She was also the recipient of a 2015 NEA individual artist's grant.

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Jennifer Givhan's Website.

Jennifer Givhan on Twitter.

About Landscape with Headless Mama:

"Pardon me, but I'm shivering a bit at my core. These are restless, storm-hued stanzas, revelations of our dark cravings and hapless, woefully imperfect attempts at perfect love. Here are the dreams even our dreams won't reveal, flaunting wild edges and endings that nudge the soul, each fusing of lyric and lesson as potent as a backhand slap. And Mama watches everything. Mama sees it all."
—Patricia Smith

"The landscape of poet Jennifer Givhan's searing first book may be that of the desert southwest, but is lush with language, thick with a personal symbology and unsparingly true. If Frida Kahlo and Remedios Varo wrote poems together, that book just might be Landscape with Headless Mama. The women in Givhan's poetry are a fierce crew. They fight, are flayed and are teenagers at the fair. They catastrophize, hallucinate, hula and struggle with this damnable world. These are true border poems, restlessly crossing between the real and the surreal, the loved and the used up, the fertile and the infertile, and the hungry and the sated. Jennifer Givhan is a dangerous poet in all the necessary ways."
—Connie Voisine

"'What's living without fear of getting lost?' That's only one of many empowering moments in Jennifer Givhan's auspicious debut. Her 'blood magic' ink delivers the hard truths that kick-start the healing of the 'splintered cactus' that hurdles the path of a woman's journey. Landscape with Headless Mama blossoms with the 'strange alloys of sadness' that devastate motherhood and femininity, and then nurture their wounds back to vibrant life."
—Rigoberto Gonz├ílez

"In Jennifer Givhan's Landscape with Headless Mama, the vivid truth of these poems evokes both the wince of pain and the head-rush of joy, the familial and the romantic disconnections we endure and those connections found in the same terrain that we, still, manage to cherish. If there's a line in these poems that doesn't surprise, I couldn't find it; one never knows where the poem will take us. I found myself tracing 'maps of the borderland into my body/ cliff dwelling, the taste of red brick on the tongue....' Each figure rendered, each voice conjured comes to life with their distinct journey, and Givhan continues to remind us of yet another truth: 'There are other ways for the story to end.' Indeed, the possibilities seem limitless in this world she builds. If a collection of poems can be called a page-turner, this is what it feels like."
—A. Van Jordan

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