Today's poem is "The Surveyor"
from worker

Main Street Rag

Gary Hawkins is a poet, teacher, and scholar, who grew up in the suburbs of the West. His poetry, translations, pedagogy, and criticism have appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review, Forklift: Ohio, New European Poets, Third Mind: Creative Writing through Visual Art, Emily Dickinson Journal, Los Angeles Review of Books, and other venues. He teaches creative writing and serves as associate dean at Warren Wilson College; he sets type in the letterpress studio; and he lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina. With his wife, the poet Landon Godfrey, he edits and produces Croquet, an occasional letterpress broadside delivered as a postcard.

Other poems on the web by Gary Hawkins:
"The Surveyor"
"Five (Occupational) Love Poems"

Gary Hawkins's Website.

About worker:

"Gary Hawkins gives us a world of solitaries—himself, with others—in these insightful, keenly observant, restlessly lyrical, self-scrutinizing poems. What a marvelous debut!"
—Edward Hirsch

"Worker pierces the temper of our times with poems that embody conscious electricity, and the arrangement of nerves in what we know as work. The poet pulls back the covers on what originates in the body to show us as we are. With an alacrity and wisdom of a slightly modest lightning bolt, Hawkins invites us to claim our certain beauty, as he gives us the gift of a wonderful debut collection"
—Afaa M. Weaver

"Gary Hawkins' re-invention of Psalm 13 ends as only a psalm of this century could: How long in the rains will you hide your sweet face?//I am nothing: You are nothing./ I cast my worth into your wake. In his densely peopled book, a host of characters go about their ordinary business—making love, shopping, repairing the house—while Hawkins 'casts his worth' into them; any of these people could be him, or us."
—Mark Doty

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