Today's poem is "Rivulets and Tributaries"
from Memory Marries Desire

Finishing Line Press

Gary Glauber s a poet, fiction writer, and teacher. This past April, to celebrate National Poetry Month, he took part in Found Poetry Review's PoMoSco project. Two years prior, he also was part of their Pulitzer Remix project. He has had poems and short stories published in numerous venues, both online and in print. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. He is a champion of the underdog who often composes to an obscure power pop soundtrack. His first full -length collection, Small Consolations (Aldrich Press), is available on Amazon.com

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About Memory Marries Desire:

"Memory Marries Desire is both beautiful & sublime. The intersection of nature metaphors and personal/historical experience feels effortless and transcendent. Sitting somewhere between the raw earthiness of Walt Whitman and the vivid dreaminess of the Magic Realists, Glauber suspends the reader in time and sensuality."
—Adam Levy

"Readers have long known that the artistic rendering of sadness has the power to lift us from sadness. In Memory Marries Desire, Gary Glauber works an even more sophisticated alchemy, transmuting subtler feelings, such as ennui and nostalgia into the golden state of enlightenment. From the seemingly ordinary world of cubicles and rumors, of small talk and starched collars, a hand reaches out to us. It removes the veil of distraction and shows us what we most crave and fear - the truth. It carries us back to each other and ourselves, ba ck to nature and the divine, back to the sublimity of beauty - to show us that, after all, we are anything but ordinary."
—Melissa Studdard

"In his ripe and nostalgic little collection, Gary Glauber presides as a knowing officiate over this marriage between an out-of-reach past and an eager and longing present. With a careful and loving eye, he knows what both soon-to-be spouses have been through and are going through, as he deftly remains collected himself- a calm and rich storyteller with a keen ear for sound and narrative."
—Denver Butson

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