Today's poem is "Caravaggio's Medusa As a Box of Nails"
from Skin Music

Southern Indiana Review Press

Dennis Hinrichsen is the author of six books of poetry. His most recent are Rip-tooth (2010 Tampa Poetry Prize) and Kurosawa's Dog (2008 FIELD Poetry Prize). An earlier work, Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights, was awarded the 1999 Akron Poetry Prize. New work of his can be found in Basalt, Hunger Mountain, Memorious, the museum of americana, Sou'wester, as well as the anthology Poetry in Michigan/Michigan in Poetry from New Issues Press. He lives in Lansing, Michigan.

Books by Dennis Hinrichsen:

Other poems on the web by Dennis Hinrichsen:
Two poems
"Nights of Zhivago"
Two poems
"Seven-Sided Box"

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