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from From Nothing

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Daniel Tobin is the author of seven books of poems, most recently From Nothing (Four Way Books, 2016). He has garnered numerous awards, including a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. Tobin earned a BA from Iona College, an MTS from Harvard University, an MFA from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, and a doctorate from the University of Virginia. He teaches at Emerson College.

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About From Nothing:

"In From Nothing Daniel Tobin explores the intersections of war and science, rationality, and the vastly large and intensely small in and through the characters and voices of the major figures in the scientific community of the twentieth century, most notably the Jesuit priest and mathematician, Georges Lemaître. Tobin brings his learning and astounding imaginative powers to bear on such central questions as the origin and end of the universe, how something came from nothing, human depredation and beauty, and the intractable mystery of time. This is a memorable, tragic, and moving book that should be read by everyone who wonders how we got here and what our being here can mean."
—Alan Shapiro

"In his lyrical and narrative suite of poems From Nothing, Daniel Tobin weaves the history of the cosmos into the biography of the Belgian Jesuit priest Georges Lemaître, a physicist who realized that Einstein's General Relativity Theory entailed 'the Big Bang' and foresaw the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background. The poet draws the weft of scientific vocabulary, poetically, through the warp of everyday speech, with occasional over-embroidery of hymn and prayer. While managing to convey quite a bit of information about modern cosmology, Tobin also creates a moving portrait of a singular, gifted, and compassionate human being."
—Emily Grosholz

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