Today's poem is "Augustine Chanting"
from For the Future

Iris Press

Daniel Corrie's first full-length book of poems is near completion. His poems have appeared in The American Scholar, Birmingham Poetry Review, Greensboro Review, Hudson R eview, Image, Kenyon Review, Measure, Missouri Review, The Nation, New Criterion, Shenandoah, Southern Review, Southwest Review, Terrain.org, Virginia Quarterly Review, with poems selected for four anthologies and for Verse Daily. Aralia Press and Blue Horse Press published chapbooks of his poetry. One of his poems received the first-place 2011 Morton Marr Poetry Prize. He and his wife live on their farm in rural Georgia.

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"For the Future"
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About For the Future:

"Daniel Corrie's poetry is profoundly and beautifully meaningful in its exploration of time and in its confrontation of our own time's threats of climate change and other human impacts on a vulnerable planet. With equal skill in free verse and strictly rhymed and metered verse, Corrie explores the natural world and our place in it through lenses constantly, deftly shifting between the telescopic and microscopic. Always exacting, sometimes ecstatic, For the Future carries the rapture of love poems and the weight of psalms."
—Noel Crook

"Here is deep ecology. Here are poems that quietly and incrementally ramify to the furthest reaches. Daniel Corrie's work belongs in the same genus as Whitman, Roethke and Ammons, but is its own species in how it embodies the fundamental concepts of ecology through accretion. Reading this collection is like coming upon the fresh tracks of a wild animal, be it bear or heron, and suddenly the world opens. Here is striking, original and compelling work that helps us more keenly be members of the biologic and temporal systems swirling around and through us."
—Derek Sheffield

"It is not enough to say that Daniel Corrie is an excellent poet or that his poems are well-crafted vehicles of language and meaning. Dan Corrie possesses that rare thing called vision, the ability to see into 'the ancient suddenness of now' where present and past merge to form 'the continually dissolving world.' It is out of this dissolution that Corrie works to see the world anew, 'to see meaning / where the pattern always // will be the dunes / of patterns shifting.' Daniel Corrie is a poet of beauty and wisdom, and my world is better for having his poems in it."
—Al Maginnes

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