Today's poem is "How the End Begins"
from How the End Begins

Four Way Books

Cynthia Cruz is the author of four collections of poetry, including three with Four Way Books: The Glimmering Room (2012), Wunderkammer (2014), and How the End Begins (2016). Cruz has received fellowships from Yaddo and the MacDowell Colony as well as a Hodder Fellowship from Princeton University. She has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in writing and an MFA in Art Criticism & Writing from the School of Visual Arts. Cruz is currently pursuing a PhD in German Studies at Rutgers University. She teaches at Sarah Lawrence College.

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About How the End Begins:

"Loneliness and death are never the same, but in How the End Begins, Cynthia Cruz parses their similarities and differences so exquisitely and obsessively that trace patterns begin to appear on the surface of experience. These are poems of grief and recognition, of both elegy and opulence: they glitter, sometimes fiercely with an icy moonlight, sometimes with the disposable bling of contemporary American culture, sometimes with either the glimmer of faith or else its devastating absence. 'With you missing,' Cruz declares in one poem, 'All the pretty animals are game for the killing.' The same can be said for this ravishing, deeply abandoned collection."
—G.C. Waldrep

"Cynthia Cruz continues to write the soul in its fullness and emptiness with markings that bring what is possible in seen and unseen worlds into a single line. This is poetry from the mind of a poet who can sit in Dickinson's finite but overwhelming complex to see her own self contemporarily where everything and nothing live inside one another. 'There is no city / but the city within...' Cruz writes, and she is the grand cartographer of that place in poetry where the beauty of imaginative truth sings itself real in tiny moments. How the End Begins is the experience of what makes us human."
—Afaa Michael Weaver

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