Today's poem is "Verge"
from Bluewords Greening

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Christine Stewart-Nuñez is the author of Snow, Salt, Honey (2012); Keeping Them Alive (2011); Postcard on Parchment (2008); Unbound & Branded (2006); and The Love of Unreal Things (2005). Her piece 'An Archeology of Secrets' was a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2012. Her work has appeared in such magazines as Arts & Letters, North American Review, Prairie Schooner, and Shenandoah. She is an Associate Professor in the English Department at South Dakota State University.

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About Bluewords Greening:

"Bluewords Greening is a book about motherhood—love and family and fear and failure and mini-ninjas. We observe a mother's bewildering experiences with her son as the poems detail his diagnosis with a rare form of epilepsy and the 'bluewords' that result from his aphasia. The speaker is in deep conversation with the son's frustrated and often surprisingly beautiful lexicon; she's also in conversation with the work of contemporary visual artists and the craft of printmaking and the twelfth-century visionary, St. Hildegard. Stewart-Nuñez's music and skilled syntax and stubborn insistence on the beauty of the world—even as the poems explore the heartbreak of recurrent miscarriage—keep the reader rapt and grateful and illuminated. Bluewords Greening is a marvelous book."
—Beth Ann Fennelly

"In a wrenchingly difficult and confusing situation, Christine Stewart-Nuñez has found the wherewithal to make not only meaning but beauty out of unremitting challenges. Her ally and her weapon: poetry. Bluewords Greening presents, preserves, and enacts awe, curiosity, tenderness, sensuality, and an endless loving engagement with the world. These poems bear witness; they also lull, celebrate, interpret, and play. This book is an inspiring achievement."
—Rachel Hadas

"These poems usher us into two chambers of maternal love and grief. In the first we share the poet's anguish as she comes to terms with her son's seizure disorder. In the second, we enter the sorrow of her four miscarriages and her efforts to bring a pregnancy to term. Here, pain is a filter through which the imagination seeks meaning, solution, reclamation. The child's aphasia and neologisms (bluewords) are echoed in the poet's need to fracture and fragment language in order to reform it, to bring about the 'greening energy.' The world and the poet's body become a text. An empty snail shell, cottonwood tufts, the greenish light before a storm: the natural world is dazzling and deep, trenched with emotion and import. In this remarkable and moving collection, the forgetting, erasing, and fracturing are transformative. Or, in Stewart-Nuñez's words, 'we're art because of what life puts us through.'"
—Jeanne Emmons

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