Today's poem is "Sodden Stars"
from St. Francis and the Flies

Autumn House Press

Brian Swann has published many books: poetry in translation, children's books, fiction, poetry, as well as editing volumes on Native American literature, the latest of which is Sky Loom: Native American Myth, Story, Song (University of Nebraska Press, 2014). His most recent of eleven poetry collections is In Late Light (John Hopkins University Press, 2013). He teaches at The Cooper Union in New York City.

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Books by Brian Swann:

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About St. Francis and the Flies:

"In a free verse that varies from lush to spare, Brian Swann's poems record the changes of a poet awake to the natural world as well as the world within, quickened by the mind in its constant turning. These are poems of consciousness, subsumed in images of presence and memory, a sensibility constantly searching and intimate in its attention."

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