Today's poem is "What Drives Us"
from Sky Blue Enough To Drink

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Beth Gylys has two previously published award-winning collections of poetry as well as two chapbooks. Awarded fellowships and residencies at the MacDowell Colony, La Muse and La Centre D'art i Natura de Farrera, she has had work published in many anthologies and journals.

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September 18, 2002:  "Do Not Dive Head-First" "Do not dive head-first in that puddle of mud..."

Books by Beth Gylys:

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Beth Gylys According to Wikipedia.

About Sky Blue Enough To Drink:

"Sky Blue Enough to Drink is capacious and generous. With lyric precision and enormous range, she writes of edgy love, of witness, of music and loss, and so much more. Beth Gylys has created a luminous emporium of the necessary, the ordinary, and the extraordinary."
—Theodore Deppe

"These poems report on heart matters in intelligent, sensitive ways, especially when speaking from a place of longing; she works brilliantly, seamlessly, in forms borrowed (sestinas, villanelles, sonnets) and invented, her lines generously offering, through lush image and deft association, revelation in the everyday."
—Elizabeth Robbins

"Most of these poems are so formally successful they seem chiseled in stone. But they are not stone. They are as sparkling and full of redemption as Nature itself."
—Leon Stokesbury

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