Today's poem is "Firsts Born"
from Daughter, Daedalus

Truman State University Press

Alison D. Moncrief Bromage's poems have appeared in The Paris Review, Denver Quarterly, Barrow Street, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from New York University. She is now a writing tutor at Yale University and lives in Stony Creek, Connecticut, with her husband and children.

Books by Alison D. Moncrief Bromage:

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About Daughter, Daedalus:

"Daughter, Daedalus is both original and very often masterful. From the very first poem, the reader is taken in by language and inventiveness. There is also an elevated High Church intention—a scent of incense and bells chiming—that T. S. Eliot would have recognized."
—Jennifer Clement

"There is an Anglo-Saxon vitality to her language that moves us steadily into the still center of life and the overwhelming power of poetry itself. In Daughter, Daedalus the declension 'between child, god and me' transmutes myth into an essential self portrait, without egoism, rising high on the wings of redemptions."
—Ishion Hutchinson

"Daughter, Daedalus affirms what the imagination is for—to bring to the center who we are, to help us regain footing as we lose hope—proposing that 'there are many ways to outfox our living.' With poems that pull away from our time, but only enough to lay bare what it means to want, Alison Moncrief Bromage renders a world where 'days have another clock master,' where 'we grow by pulling to stand // against a spinning ground.' Here are poems equal part love letter and cast spell, myth and unit of measure, circle and feather and whale, their diction charged and ringing with old sounds, fairly begging for the world to make sense. Whether reckoning with a lost twin, a long-awaited daughter, a love across time, here is work unafraid of what's been lost, or gained. I'm haunted by this striking, original debut."
—Kerrin McCadden

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