Today's poem is "Of Bees"
from The Wilderness Party

Bloodaxe Books

A.B. Jackson was born in Glasgow in 1965 and raised in the village of Bramhall, Cheshire. After moving to Cupar in Fife he studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and went on to work as a library systems manager for NHS Scotland. His first book, Fire Stations (Anvil), won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection in 2003, and a limited edition pamphlet, Apocrypha (Donut Press), was published in 2011. His second full-length collection, The Wilderness Party (Bloodaxe Books, 2015) is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. In 2010 he won first prize in the Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition. He now lives in Sheffield where he is working towards a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University.

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About The Wilderness Party:

"'Demons occupy the air' in A.B. Jackson's new collection, but, as Dracula once remarked, what sweet music they make. What is it like, these poems ask, to exist outside or on the fringes of sacred space? These are canticles of praise to the wily as well as to the wonderful."
—W.N. Herbert

"The Wilderness Party is about the dangerous power of words ' as law, as lies, as holy writ ' but also brims with love of language. Jackson creates an irresistible poetry of resistance."
—Clare Pollard

"With its ethical weight, aesthetic rigour and comic panache, Jackson's work is essential reading."
—Ahren Warner

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