Today's poem is "My Father Dreams of Horses"
from Teratology

Persea Books

Susannah Nevison received the American Literary Review poetry prize and an Academy of American Poets/Larry Levis prize for her work. Her poems and criticism have appeared in or are forthcoming from Ninth Letter, American Literary Review, Southern Indiana Review, diode, Cider Press Review, and elsewhere. She is a doctoral candidate in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Utah, where she also teaches.

Books by Susannah Nevison:

Other poems on the web by Susannah Nevison:
"Preparing the Animal"
Two poems
"For Whom Grief"

Susannah Nevison's Website.

Susannah Nevison on Twitter.

About Teratology:

"The body as drama, as myth, as monster, as dream: Susannah Nevison's first book is a vivid investigation of what it means to be lashed to imperfect flesh. ‘You walked / into the wolf's mouth and you were born’: strong and strange, Teratology is a striking debut."
—Dana Levin

"In this gorgeous collection, the body is subject to constant revision and transformation--sometimes into a toy, shaped and manipulated; at other times into birds, into water, into fire that cleanses and destroys, into ‘whole orchards bloom[ing] from ash.’ Though these poems begin in anguish and trauma, their movement and gesture is always and ever toward song, through which it is possible for a damaged body to find freedom, even rapture."
—Katharine Coles

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